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Company Profile

Company Profile

Nav Durga Steel Traders is a industrial leader serving clients situated all across the world. The Manufacture, Supplier and Exporter brings an assortment of galvanizing products, such as Galvilite Galvanizing Compound, ZRC Galvanizing Compound, Galvanizing Repair Compound, and Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound. The single-component zinc rich coating is applied as paint on iron and steel to provide long-term corrosion protection. The galvilite galvanizing compound is ready-to-apply, liquid organic zinc compound, which is applied to carbon steel, hot-dip galvanizing, cast iron and aluminum surfaces. There is around 95% zinc in the dried film of galvilite.

The technical characteristics of our galvanizing compounds include solid content, metallic zinc content, flash point, mass density, viscosity, impact resistance, electrical conductivity, etc. The galvanizing products are highly demanded by construction and fabrication industries, owing to its features, and benefits, like:

  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Can be applied on wet surface
  • Uniform quality throughout the layer
  • Great resistant to salt corrosion and water
  • Gives excellent results

Operating locally through its production facility, the company helps sufficing the global demand for zinc rich coatings. We have all the requisite resources, manpower and techniques to formulate the construction chemicals according to set specifications. We are capable of formulating any volume of products demanded by the clients, whether small or large, in minimum time. Our professionals are highly skilled and has expertise to precisely formulate and test each compound, including galvilite galvanizing compound, zero-VOC galvanizing compound, etc. using several equipment. We strive to serve our clients with time-saving as well as money-saving products.