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-----------Our Clients--------------

The biggest part of Nav Durga Steel Traders is our clients. We have established strong connections with many global clients and some of them are mentioned below:
  • J Kumar
  • Delhi Metro
  • RCF
  • RIL Supreme

------------Company Profile---------------

When it comes to construction chemicals, Nav Durga Steel Traders is a name one can rely upon. The noted Manufacture, Supplier and Exporter offers a wide range of cold galvanizing products, such as ZRC Galvanizing Compound, Zinc Galvanizing Compound, Galvanizing Repair Compound, and Zero-VOC Galvanizing Compound; all available in buckets of different quantities and can be applied by brush or roller. These chemicals are applied to metal surface to provide a protective coating against rust and corrosion.

------------Application Areas---------------

We offer cold galvanizing products in different finishes,some manufactured in-house as well as of ZRC. The cold galvanizing when applied to steel surface, acts as its active coupling and forms an electrolytic bond. It gives a cathodic protection up to a 4mm scratch. Due to its excellent mechanical property, the cold galvanizing products are perfect for applications, like manufacturing, repairs, industrial maintenance, transmission towers, construction, marine environment, etc.